Submissions are now Open for MIM 2014.  Head over to the Enter Page to submit your film.

In case you missed it, our winners and complete program from last year below:  

Opening Night Best Film


3rd Place - The Bells by Tavis Urquhart
2nd Place - Hungry Man by Jordan Prosser
1st Place - Dead Heart of the City by Max Miller


Best High School Film


The Man for Tanjil Bren by Billy Reiss


Closing Night Bonus Best Film


For the Love of Julio by Jamieson Pearce


Opening Night
Short Film Showcase

8pm, Tuesday December 3rd
Capitol Theatre
113 Swanston St, Melbourne

Simply the best short films Melbourne has to offer. Sit back with popcorn and a drink and immerse yourself in films that have travelled the globe, films that have won big, films that are big premieres.  An array of wicked comedy, fantasy, horror, and powerful drama, showcased at the lavish Capitol Theatre, right in the heart of the city.  Help decide our 'Best Film 2013' and welcome the Summer with MIM.

All Tix $15

OpeningMiniMel2.png - small

 OpeningBodysurfer2.png - small LovedOne3.png - small 

Miniature Melbourne

Experimental (5 min)

Dir. Nathan Kaso



Drama (12 min)

Dir. Kathryn Goldie


By a Loved One

Comedy (7 min)

Dir. The Cameralla

A miniature moving portrait of Melbourne, highlighting what makes our city so unique. 

 After the death of his mother, Darren visits his estranged father and is forced to confront a painful past. Whilst reading this chances are … you're getting fraped.

OpeningBadminton1.png - small

 OpeningDeadHeart1.png - small OpeningJunior.png - small

Bruce Lee Played Badminton Too

Comedy (14 min)

Dir. Corrie Chen


Dead Heart of the City

Experimental Drama (13 min)

Dir. Max Miller



Drama (11 min)

Dir. Joel Valerie

Nic Wooding is nothing like Bruce Lee. Except he can play badminton too. 

If the past only exists in memories and memories can be altered; can you change the past too?


Three brothers go about their lives in their new homeland, Australia. But new beginnings aren't always ideal.

OpeningHungry3.png - small OpenigSavingBacon.png - small OpeningBells1.png - small

Hungry Man

Noir / Horror (18 min)

Dir. Jordan Prosser


Saving the Bacon

Comedy (4 min)

Dir. Ryan Thomas


The Bells

Dramedy (16 min)

Dir. Tavis Urquhart

Declan Greene and his manipulative tapeworm have tasted every forbidden food on Earth except one … human flesh.
 A routine arrest turns ugly for a trigger happy cop and his straight-laced partner. Jay is visited by a mysterious customer who claims to be his anger personified.

Night Two
Feature Presentations

Wednesday, December 4th
Revolt Productions
12 Elizabeth St, Kensington

MIM moves to the spacious Main Room at  Revolt with two terrific independent feature films paired by complimentary shorts.  The Joe Manifesto kicks things off, a personal story from award-winning writer / director Gregory Pakis, a film that is both wickedly funny and strikingly poignant as it explores true honesty inside a conformist and common life.  
This is followed by Vessel, the debut feature film from Adam Ciancio, making its Melbourne premier straight from London Sci-Fi Festival and Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada.  Atmospheric, compelling and assured, Vessel explores the angst of a man who, though blessed with the uncommon ability to communicate with aliens, feels used-up and increasingly numb by the experience.   

Tix $10 per Feature
$15 Double Feature


Session One
7pm @ Revolt

Empire of Nowhere

Dir. Andrew Walsh

Short Presentation

Experimental Drama (5 min)



A defiant young man struggles to find his voice in a world of sex, violence, poverty, and daytime television.

The third short from Andrew Walsh, an independent filmmaker who combines a fearless uncompromising style with intimate storytelling.

"My favourite characters are always the ones who have their back to the wall with very few options. They have to make decisions they are not emotionally equipped to deal with, learning things about themselves at the same time as the audience. That's what motivates me in terms of what kind of stories I want to tell."

Empire of Nowhere is Andrew's most personal film to date.

      EmpireofNOWHEREPoste1.jpg - large

The Joe Manifesto

Directed by Gregory Pakis

Produced by Julian V. Costanzo

Starring Gregory Pakis, Chloe Gardner, Fiona Macys, Emma Moore, Nancy Finn, Noel Herriman

Feature Presentation

Drama (99 min)



Order is fake, chaos is real.

Joe has a good job, financial stability and a supportive fiancé. But he realises something is lacking in his life after meeting the outlandish job and partner swapping Vee.  She turns Joe's life upside down by introducing him to her manifesto for life.

1. Change any routine when you are feeling bored.

2. Be 100% honest.

3. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

4. Push people past their breaking point.

5. Never use alcohol or drugs to loosen up.

Vee makes Joe question his relationships, career and values.  But when Joe realises his life is becoming a chaotic blur, he is forced to rethink his choices about what is truly important in life.

Conceived by award winning writer / director Gregory Pakis, The Joe Manifesto explores the way we live our lives.

Gregory Pakis takes on the lead role of Joe who is inspired to live his life with passion and truth.  The Joe Manifesto asks the question: is living such a life really possible?


joemanifesto.jpg - large


FeatureJoe3CMYK.jpg - large


FeatureJoe5Test.jpg - large


FeatureJoe4CMYK.jpg - large




Session Two
9:15pm @ Revolt

Good Grief

Dir. Fiona Dalwood

Short Presentation

Animation (8 min)



Five real people share their true stories of losing something precious and what it has taught them about living.  Good Grief is a short stop motion animated documentary that explores the lessons we learn from dealing with grief and loss.

Having practised art since she could wield a crayon, Fiona quickly mastered pirate stick figures and dive-bombing birds at an early age before moving on to study drawing at Melbourne's own Victoria College of the Arts.  Fiona won VCA's award for Best Postgraduate Student 2013, and her animated shorts have toured the world, making people laugh and cry.

Good Grief is no exception.  The film won Best Masters Animation 2012 at the VCA, the Senior Commendation Award 2013 at Show Us Your Shorts in Warburton, VIC, and was Highly Commended at the 2013 Melbourne International Animation Festival.

It has also screened at a host of festivals around the world, including the Brooklyn FIlm Festival in the US, Animanima in Serbia, Heart of Gold in Queensland, and Melbourne's own St Kilda Film Festival.  


FeatureGoodGrief1.png - large


FeatureGoodGrief2.png - large


FeatureGoodGrief3.png - large




Directed by Adam Ciancio

Produced by Gabrielle Christopher, Leanne Hanley, Jonah Klein, Adam Ciancio

Starring Mark Diaco, Justin Hosking, Chris Bunworth, Ursula Mills, Evelyn Krape, Daniel Frederiksen, Georgina Naidu

Feature Presentation

Sci-Fi / Drama (86 min)



One day. One gift. One man.


Ash is an interfacer, a man who has the power to communicate with aliens, but it is a gift he needs to abandon by the end of the day or risk succumbing to its side-effects.  The power is consuming and stripping Ash of any human emotion.

He trawls through the city, meeting old acquaintances, searching for connection.  He collects the pieces of his past that keep his emotional muscle working, but time is running out and he is growing more and more tired and numb.  His only hope is to find another interfacer who is rumoured to have rid herself of her gift permanently.

Adam Ciancio is a young and emerging director from Melbourne.  His short films and music videos have premiered at both the Melbourne International Film Festival and St Kilda Film Festival.

Vessel is his debut feature film.  It screened at the 2013 London Sci-Fi Festival and the 2013 Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada where it was Nominated for Best First Feature Fantasia.

Now Vessel premiers in the city where it was made and MIM is incredibly proud to host the event.



vesell2.jpg - large


vessel-poster.jpg - large


FeatureVessel2.png - large


Night Three
High School Showcase & Feature Focus

Thursday December 5th
Revolt Productions
12 Elizabeth St, Kensington

This is the future of filmmaking.  A High School Showcase, screening the best short films from Year 12 students and under, including one from a very talented eleven-year-old girl.  Our high school films are diverse, quirky, powerful, each displaying talent and assurdity that belie the filmmakers age. A great night for the family but all patrons take note - Revolt is a licensed venue and as such minors (under 18) will not be permitted without an adult guardian.  

Our High School Showcase is followed by our Feature Focus.  Bound by Blue.  100 extras, 60 crew, 50 actors, 30 locations, and almost 3 years to make the BIGGEST little film of 2013 … for only $978.  The result is incredible, a story of disconnection and growth, a film immensely engaging and inspiring, driven by rich character performances by a cast and crew on top of their game.  This is Melbourne independent filmmaking at its finest.

Tix $10 per session
$15 for both sessions




Session One

High School Showcase

7pm @ Revolt



HighSchoolDreams2.png - large

 HighSchoolManfromTan3.png - large HighSchoolSpeakWitho2.png - small 


Experimental (3 min)

Dir. Claudia Ravenscroft


The Man from Tanjil Bren

Drama (7 min)

Dir. Billy Riess


To Speak Without Words

Drama (5 min)

Dir. Claudia Altavilla

An exploration of the colours and contours of dreams.

 A contrast of natural and artificial environments, a critique of modern living. 

Lucy writes to her elderly pen pal, Ava, learning more about her migration to Australia from the dangers of Afghanistan.


HighSchoolPieces3.png - small

 HighSchoolAbracadabra.png - small HighSchoolSouviens1.png - small


Period / Drama (8 min)

Dir. Olivia Altavilla



Comedy (6 min)

Dir. Catriona Warren



Animation (7 min)

Dir. Beau Nieuwveld

In 1930 a railway crash victim is left isolated in the middle of nowhere. She slowly begins to recall pieces of her life as certain objects trigger her memory.

 A hapless magician finally gets a trick right, but it is the one that causes him the most trouble. On 10 June 1944, the Waffen-SS entered the sleepy French village Oradour-sur-Glane and massacred 642 men, women, and children. 
HighSchoolTimeless2.png - large HighSchoolSolitude2.png - small  


Drama (10 min)

Dir. Jeremy Bonwick



Music Video (3 min)

Dir. Jemima Ollie



After the death of her brother, Sophie is left alone and isolated, constantly questioning life and time.  

A young girl goes through the difficulties of post break-up emotions.



Session 2

MIM Feature Focus

9pm @ Revolt



The Quiet Neighbour

Dir. Zoe Coldham

Short Presentation

Drama (15 min)



Steven is a 36-year-old man, paralysed by his own social awkwardness. He lives in an apartment by himself, comfortable in his own solitude. His neighbours are a couple, Mark and Helen, who are constantly fighting, and an old woman, Mrs. Kingsley, who keeps to herself.

After attending his late father's funeral Steven returns to his apartment to find a new tenant has moved in down the hall.  Her name is April and she is beautiful.  Steven can't help but be drawn to her as well as the lives of his neighbours.  

Relationships intensify and events come to a shock revelation that will change Steven and his neighbours forever.

Winner of Swinburn University's Crayon Award for Creative Excellence, The Quiet Neighbour makes it's festival debut at MIM.


FeatureQuietNeighbou6.jpg - large


FeatureQuietNeighbou4.jpg - large

FeatureQuietNeighbou5.jpg - large



Bound by Blue

Directed by David Hawkins

Produced by Kate Talbot

Starring Richard Davies, Jenny Lovell, Debbie Zukerman, Frank Magree, Heidi Valkenburg, Paul Henri, Ashley Zukerman

Feature Focus

Fantasy Drama (82 min)



It took 100 extras, 60 crew, 50 actors, 30 locations, and almost 3 years to make the BIGGEST little film of 2013 … for only $978.


Penelope, Cole and Mercedes have stopped living. Penelope lingers in the emptiness after the death of her husband. Cole is unable to touch another human being. And Mercedes is drowning in guilt.

When a visitor from another world makes them an offer, the three have to decide if they can find the strength to face their fears for a chance to escape their earthly pain. 

Bound by Blue is a story of human disconnection, that proves that sometimes in order to find your path you need to take a massive leap of faith.

David Hawkins started his career as an award-winning cinematographer in Australia, most notably as DOP on Oscar nominated short The Saviour. Taking his breadth of production experience and ability to seamlessly bring together technical and creative, he uses innovative approaches to direct and shoot challenging stories.

Bound by Blue is certainly that.  His debut feature film, David set out with producer Kate Talbot to make a film that broke all the boundaries of no-budget filmmaking.  They wanted to tell a story that was big, big, BIG. So they put out a call-to-action across Melbourne and were rewarded with a response from hundreds of passionate and generous supporters.

All cast and crew volunteered their time.  All location were sourced without charge.  All make-up, equipment, and studios were donated.

The result is beautiful.  Powerful, poignant, and inspiring.  Bound by Blue is Melbourne filmmaking at its finest.  And this is the WORLD premiere.   


FeatureBlue1.png - large


FeatureBlue4.png - large


FeatureBlue7.png - large


 FeatureBlue6.png - large


FeatureBlue2.png - large




Closing Night
Closing Night Shorts & After Party
8pm, Friday December 6th
Revolt Productions
12 Elizabeth St, Kensington

Our finale.  More of the best short films, more multi-award winners, more premieres, more stories packed with twists and thrills, tears and joy, sex and power. A more intimate affair on the main stage at Revolt, join us to meet the filmmakers and participate in Q & A's, grab a pizza and a cider, and help decide the "Bonus Best Film". Then, a celebration to end the festival, as lights pulse and DJs turn the music up to bring home the night with a funky after party.  

All tix $15





ClosingBlackWhite1.png - small

 ClosingCaravans3.png - large ClosingCarnivore2.png - small 

Black and White Lines

Drama (24 min)

Dir. Darren Downs


Caravans for Refugees

Comedy (7 min)

Dir. Jim Shomos



Psychological Drama (13 min)

Dir. Sam Rogers

Troubled teen Michael Cox is forced to attend a Saturday morning detention with an unruly bunch of youths.


The Government has just passed legislation subsidising caravans in backyards for refugees. Helen Kapolos reports and discovers there are many benefits … or angles.

 Austin's party lifestyle descends into a psychedelic nightmare, convinced that his housemates are more than just a pack of meat loving trippers.

ClosingJulio1.png - small

 ClosingWorth3.png - small ClosingAudioCommenta3.png - small

For the Love of Julio

Comedy (11 min)

Dir. Jamieson Pearce



Thriller (7 min)

Dir. Nic Barker


Audio Commentary

Comedy (15 min)

Dir. Christopher Kay

Alice and George are best friends. They are young, passionate, and ready for a big night out looking for love. However, not everything goes their way ...

 A couple kidnap a young woman to hold her wealthy father for ransom, but the seemingly simple crime holds grave consequences. A man has regressed into an internal dialogue, becoming increasingly cynical about everything in life and the world he is forced to act normal in.