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Below is our 2014 line-up for reference.  The venue was Revolt Art Space in Kensington.


Opening Night Showcase
Best Film - Pint by Nic Barker
Best Director - Don Percy for Makeover
Best Actor - William Gluth from We Keep on Dancing
Audience Choice - Emo (The Musical) by Neil Triffett


High School Showcase
Best Film - The Subjects by Anna Diacos
Best Screenplay - A Mind's Projection by Billy Reiss


Closing Night Shorts
Bonus Best Film - A Silent Waltz by Isaac Elliott
Audience Choice - Knock by Thomas Pollard and Nathan Smith





Short Film Showcase


Thursday November 27th

 Doors Open: 6:30pm

Show Begins: 7:30pm


Simply the best short films Melbourne has to offer. Sit back with popcorn and a drink and immerse yourself in films that have travelled the globe, films that have won big, films that are big premieres. An array of wicked comedy, sci-fi, powerful drama, and even a musical about the wonderful world of goths! Help decide the 'Audience Choice Award' and see which films take home our 'Best Film', 'Best Director', and 'Best Actor' awards.



2014Emo3.jpg - small 2014Limbus2.jpg - small 2014Status2.jpg - small


Emo (The Musical)

Musical (16min)

Dir. Neil Triffett




Drama (6min)

Dir. Anna Snoekstra




Sci-Fi (20min)

Dir. Richard Williamson


When Ethan, an Emo kid who hates almost everything, falls in love with a good Christian girl, will they be able to live happily ever after?

 Trapped in an anonymous roadside motel, Fiona is in a limbo of repressed desire. 

Love in the social media apocalypse. Welcome to the evolution.

2014HairySoulMan2.jpg - small 2014Pint3.jpg - small 2014Makeover.jpg - small


Loving Myself

Music Video (4min)

Dir. Kai Smythe




Comedy (9min)

Dir. Nic Barker




Comedy (7min)

Dir. Don Percy


Using hand drawn props and sets, Hairy Soul Man shows the world how important it is to love yourself.


Nobody at the wedding likes Jackson. So he probably shouldn't drink too much ...


Lonely widower Horrie undertakes an unconventional home-style makeover for a blind date.

2014ClosetoSun1.jpg - small 2014BetweenUs3.jpg - small 2014Dancing1.jpg - small

Close to the Sun

Drama (12min)

Dir. Gabriel Stibio


Between Us

Drama (14min)

Dir. Blake Curtis



We Keep on Dancing

Dark Comedy (9min)

Dir. Jessica Barclay Lawton

Abiye, a troubled young man, becomes involved with criminals in an attempt to get a passport for his mother into the country.

 Juliet has to decide if keeping her past sadness buried is worth risking any chance at future happiness. 


Two strangers meet through a haze of smoke from a broken down Volkswagen in this sweet tale of love, loss and car trouble.





Friday Night Films


 Friday November 28th

 Doors Open: 6:30pm

Show Begins: 7:30pm


Hit the Friday night lights, sit back with pizzas, popcorn and drinks, and enjoy our special selection of Friday Night Films.  A little darker, a little more racy, the program includes a small selection of world premiere and award-winning shorts, including the premiere of our own short film, Mirror of Filth, a story about a man lost in the world of filth and porn, unable to connect with real women.


The shorts are followed by the world premiere of This Little Piggy, the debut feature film from Tristan Barr.  An 'Aussie' Requiem for a Dream meets George Orwell’s Animal Farm, This Little Piggy is a re-imagining of the classic children’s fairytale - stylish, ambitious, powerful, and headed by an exciting young cast and crew.



2014CandyCravings2.jpg - small 2014Persona2.jpg - small 2014GhostMan1.jpg - small

Candy Cravings

Romance (7min)

Dir. Sebastian Bertoli



Experimental (8min)

Dir. Satish Gajera


Ghost Man

Drama (12min)

Dir. Matthew Victor Pastor

Candy has just moved in with her girlfriend, but there is one problem: she has a very unusual eating desire.

 A young woman steps into various personas, trying to find one that fits. 

A story about the value of relationships, sex, and self-worth set on the streets of Hong Kong.

Mirror of Filth

Dir. Ivan Malekin & Jamie Wilson

Special Presentation - World Premiere

Erotic Drama (18min)


Chris is caught on a downward spiral, lost in a world of filth and porn, unable to connect with the real world. But his habits, his loneliness and denial, is slowly destroying him, one woman at a time.  


Chris desperately needs to find a connection to stem the spiral but it might already be too late.  He needs to face what he has become, but, unfortunately, reflections don't lie.  

2014Mirror1.jpg - large


This Little Piggy

Dir. Tristan Barr

Prod. Laura Jane Turner, Tristan Barr, Samuel Clark Duncan, Ally Bjornstad

Starring Samuel Clark Duncan, Michael Gosden, Tamara Natt, Laura Jane Turner, Emil Freund, Daniel Last


Feature Presentation - World Premiere

Drama (90min)


"There are moments of clarity ... and the rest? We just swim."


Simon and Ely have been best mates since high school. They live together, shop together, smoke and sell marijuana together. Ely works a “proper” job in an office while Simon sits at home wasting time.


Simon spots an opportunity to expand the home business by selling harder drugs, and he secures a connection to a lucrative market through his already loyal client, David. Business booms and Simon and Ely revel in the spoils.


But greed drives a wedge through the boys’ relationship until it disintegrates and unforgivable betrayal leads to brutal conflict.


This Little Piggy is a re-imagining of the classic children’s fairytale, born out of collaboration between director Tristan Barr and a high quality cast of young actors who are currently training at the Victorian College of the Arts.  The result is a compelling and heartbreaking drama, driven by passionate performances, and rich and detailed characters.


2014piggy3.jpg - large 

2014piggy4.jpg - large

2014piggy7.jpg - large 





Saturday Movie Matinée


Saturday November 29th

  Doors Open: 3pm

 Show Begins: 3:30pm


Step out of the heat and laze away the afternoon with an assorted collection of brilliant local shorts.  There were so many quality entries for MIM this year that we had to add extra sessions to honour the filmmakers - and this is one such session.  A line-up consisting of more premieres and award winners from some of Melbourne's finest independent filmmakers, showcased in a relaxed environment, the perfect way to wily away the afternoon haze.



2014CharlieSam2.jpg - small 2014Magnetism1.jpg - small 2014LadyWheel2.jpg - small

Charlie & Sam

Comedy (6min)

Dir. Christopher Kay



Drama (17min)

Dir. Nakul Waghela


The Lady of the Wheel

Drama (14min)

Dir. Pheona Donohoe & Tony Ferrieri

Sam waits for her blind date Charlie, but things become awkward when she learns Charlie is a woman too.

 A young man is caught in the monotonous circle of contemporary metropolitan life. 


A destitute young woman struggles to connect with her newborn following an ill-prepared home birth.

2014LakeBreeze1.jpg - small  2014LostDark2.jpg - small 2014HappyMel2.jpg - small

Lake Breeze

Comedy (6min)

Dir. Luke Stephens


Lost in the Dark

Thriller (9min)

Dir. Christopher Bailey


Happy Melancholy

Drama (15min)

Dir. Diorella Miresell


Since the Great Winds of 2003, the townsfolk of Lake Breeze were all left with funny faces.  All except Warren, who has been trying to fit in ever since.



In a futuristic world where monsters roam the night, the last of humanity clings to the one thing the monsters fear: light.


Two strangers meet in a janitor's closet and together take a vacation from reality into a dreamscape of colour.

2014Redemption2.jpg - small 2014Artifice1.jpg - small 2014FairyTale1.jpg - small


Thriller (7min)

Dir. Tom Vogel


The Artifice

Horror (12min)

Dir. Matthew Holmes


A Fairy Tale

Comedy (7min)

Dir. Stefan Bugryn

One man's journey for redemption from his son after having done the unthinkable.



As Lucas deals with the dissolution of his relationship, he has a disturbing encounter with a mysterious boy knocking on his door late at night.


The Tooth Fairy has been arrested for a spate of dental related crimes.






 High School Showcase


 Saturday November 29th

  Doors Open: 6:30pm

  Show Begins: 7pm



 This is the future of filmmaking. Our High School Showcase, screening the best short films from Year 12 students and under. The films are diverse, quirky, powerful, each displaying talent and assuredness that belie the filmmaker's age. 

A great night for the family but all patrons take note - Revolt is a licensed venue and as such:


Minors (under 18) will not be permitted without an adult guardian.



2014Emanate2.jpg - small 2014Haven2.jpg - small 2014Express1.jpg - small


Stop Motion (4min)

Dir. Sophie Fink


The Haven

Historical Drama (8min)

Dir. Claudia Altavilla


Express Yourself

Sports (5min)

Dir. Jonno Kelly

A stop motion sequence that creatively explores our response to dreams. During WWII Emilie must decide whether to stay with her family or flee with Jean, a boy from town. 

An exploration of skiing and snowboarding and the 'release' felt on the slopes.

2014KidLogic1.jpg - small  2014Subjects1.jpg - small 2014Lucy2.jpg - small

Kid Logic

Animation (2min)

Dir. Celia Dent


The Subjects

Comedy (10min)

Dir. Anna Diacos


The Adventures of Lucy

Animation (4min)

Dir. Adrian De Salle

Ever notice how kids use perfectly logically reasoning and arrive a perfectly wrong conclusions?


Sometimes the pressure of choosing your future subjects becomes too much ...


Adventure with Lucy, a paper girl in a paper world, as she fights off monsters, explores the oceans, and floats through space.

2014MindProjection1.jpg - small 2014Free2.jpg - small  

A Mind's Projection

Experimental (8min)

Dir. Billy Riess



Experimental (3min)

Dir. Charlotte Byrne



What happens to the mind in a coma?

 Beautiful poetry between the life around us and the life inside us. 




Feature Focus


 Saturday November 29th

 Doors Open: 8:30pm

 Show Begins: 9pm


A highlight of the festival. A striking feature film - our feature focus - from Glenn Triggs, a young filmmaker who at 31 already has a collection of polished and powerful feature films to his credit, and is featured on Melbourne's independent filmmakers master list.
This is 41.  A beautifully crafted time travel drama, winner at the Rhode Island Film Festival, Golden Ace Awards in Las Vegas, and Maverick Movie Awards in New York, 41 is a poignant tale of love and loss, which asks the question 'what would you do with a second chance?'
41 will be preceded by the exciting short film Queen of the Bees by Joseph Russell, a spectacular sci-fi which takes Melbourne into a post-apocalyptic future.  Join the filmmakers for Q & A's, sit back, and enjoy a pair of great local independent films with pizzas and drinks.

Queen of the Bees

Dir. Joseph Russell

Short Presentation - Australian Premiere

Sci-Fi (16min)


After the Great War of 2025, Earth is in a hopeless state of decay. Ten year old Alex is a pick pocket, hustling tourists to support himself and his sick mother. 


After years saving for an airfare to the colonised moon of Titan, where Alex hopes to find a cure for his mother's illness, he winds up on a vendetta with the alluring Queen of the Bees.



2014queen1.jpg - large



Dir. Glenn Triggs

Prod. Fiona Eloise Bulle

Starring Chris Gibson, David Mcrae, Anne Cordiner


Feature Focus

Time Travel Drama (83min)


"A second chance at time."


Every five seconds someone lives, and every eight seconds someone dies, and for the majority of us, we only get one chance at all of this.  But what if you could do it all over; have another chance at time?


When Aidan discovers a hole in the floor of a local motel that leads to yesterday, a world of possibilities open.  But will a second chance be enough?


An award winning film from virtuoso young director Glenn Triggs, and led by a subtle and poignant performance from Chris Gibson, 41 is a personal story of lost love, death, time travel and the idea of having one chance. 





2014416.jpg - large


2014411.jpg - large





Sunday Movie Matinée


Sunday November 30th

  Doors Open: 3pm

 Show Begins: 3:30pm



One more movie matinée to wile away the afternoon.  A small selection of award-winning short films followed by our final feature of the festival - intriguing documentary A Venue for the End of the World by Aidan Prewett, which follows the filmmaker as he embarks on a wondrous misadventure across the United States in search of what it takes to command an audience.  Winner of Best Documentary at Melbourne Underground Film Festival. 


2014BlessYou1.jpg - small 2014BeautifulMind1.jpg - small 2014TofuMan1.jpg - small

Bless You

Animation (2min)

Dir. Philip Watts


Beautiful Mind

Music Video (4min)

Dir. Heather Cassidy


Tofu Man

Documentary (5min)

Dir. Andrew Robb

An architect in the skies grows bored with his creation and decides to spice things up.

 A pioneering music video for the 'Phantom Hitmen' using the Lean Filmmaking technique. 

An unexpectedly candid portrait of Duc from Sunshine - the Tofu Man.



A Venue for the End of the World

Dir. Aidan Prewett

Prod. Schy Peterson

Starring Ian Anderson, Dick Cavett, D.A. Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus, Paul Provenza


Feature Presentation

Documentary (95min)



Haunted by uncanny similarities between Nazi stage techniques and the showmanship employed by modern entertainers, a filmmaker investigates the dangers of audience manipulation and leader worship.


As he meets with various performers and masters of concert orchestration, he learns many backstage secrets for commanding the stage.  But that doesn't mean he'll have what it takes when he tries the techniques out for himself.  In A Venue for the End of the World we discover that the search for truth is a cause of unexpected humour, and uncover a world where performers' insecurities may actually work in their favour.


Featuring interviews with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), D.A Pennebaker (Don't Look Back), Michael Shrieve (Santana), Dick Cavett (The Dick Cavett Show) and many more.



2014VenueEndWorld1.jpg - large

2014VenueEndWorld2.jpg - large





Closing Night Shorts



 Sunday November 30th

 Doors Open: 6:30pm

 Show Begins: 7:30pm



Our finale.  More of the best short films, more multi-award winners, more premieres, more stories packed with twists and thrills, tears and joy, love and power. A more intimate affair on the main stage at Revolt, join us to meet the filmmakers and participate in Q & A's, grab a pizza and a cider, help decide the 'Audience Choice Award' and see who the judges select for 'Bonus Best Film'.



2014Knock2.jpg - small  2014Courage.jpg - small 2014SilentWaltz2.jpg - small



Experimental (6min)

Dir. Thomas Pollard & Nathan Smith



Comedy (11min)

Dir. Rob Innes


A Silent Waltz

Drama (12min)

Dir. Issac Elliot

The last man on Earth sits alone in a room as three boys tell each other scary stories.

 Pete the personal trainer will do anything to make his client happy but Kaela, his client, wants out. 


Madeline is excited for the regional dance, but she must overcome her deafness to ask Wyatt for a silent waltz.





2014HuntinDinna.jpg - small 2014mementomori3.jpg - small 2014UnlucklyLove2.jpg - small


Huntin' Dinna

Comedy (6min)

Dir. Josie Baynes


Memento Mori

Drama (18min)

Dir. Stacey Quine


Unlucky In Love

Mockumentary (9min)

Dir. Andy Rhodes


Shaz can't shoot a rifle to save her life, but manages to hit more than she bargained for.


A lowly maid is drawn to the mysterious art of photographing the dead.



In a candid interview we follow Nigel Carmedy-Smythe and learn the truths of his cursed relationships.





2014GallantCaptain1.jpg - small    


The Gallant Captain

Animation (8min)

Dir. Katrina Mathers & Graeme Base



A boy and his cat journey into unknown waters with a bottle, a boat and a vivid imagination.